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|2 1 0 0 -1>
150.63706 cents
sound sample

The (lesser) neutral second is a strangely exotic interval found between the 11th and 12th partials of the harmonic series. In Just Intonation it is represented by the superparticular ratio 12/11, and is about 150.6 cents large. One step of 8edo is an excellent approximation of the just neutral second, and eight of them exceed the octave by the comma (12/11)^8/2 = |15 8 0 0 -8>. It follows that EDOs which are multiples of 8, such as 16edo and 24edo, will also represent this interval well.

12/11 differs from the larger undecimal neutral second 11/10 (~165 cents) by 121/120 (~14.4 cents). Temperaments which conflate the two (thus tempering out 121/120) include 15edo, 22edo, 31edo, orwell, porcupine, mohajira and valentine.