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247.74105 cents
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In 13-limit Just Intonation, 15/13 is an interval measuring about 247.7¢. In the language of Margo Schulter, 15/13 is an instance of an interseptimal interval, as it falls in an ambiguous zone between two septimal extremes -- namely the large major second 8/7 and the small minor third 7/6. (15/13)*(13/10)=3/2, which implies that 15/13 and 13/10 make a 3/2 perfect fifth. Thus you can make a root-3rd-P5 triad that goes 26:30:39, with a 15/13 "inframinor third" up from the root. When being used as type of second, it is given the name "ultra second" as it is even sharper than 8/7 which is often called a "super major second".

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