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216.6867 cents
sound sample

In 17-limit Just Intonation, 17/15 is the "septendecimal whole tone" measuring about 216.7¢. It is the mediant between 9/8 and 8/7, as it is (9+8)/(8+7). It is found in the harmonic series between the 17th and 15th overtones. 11edo's second degree, measuring approximately 218.2¢, is close in size to 17/15 -- indeed, the 11edo system has excellent approximations of the 15th and 17th harmonics, and so this harmonic function is plausible in 11edo.

√2/(17/15) is three cents flat of a 5/4 major third, and this or 17/15 itself can be used for a tuning for wizard and its various relatives (lizard, gizzard, etc.).

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