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104.9554 cents
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In 17-limit Just Intonation, 17/16 is the 17th overtone, octave reduced, and may be called the "large septendecimal semitone". Measuring about 105¢, it is close to the 12edo semitone of 100¢, and thus 12edo can be said to approximate it closely. In a chord, it can function similarly to a jazz "minor ninth" -- for instance, 8:10:12:14:17 (although here the interval is 17/8, which is a little less harsh sounding than 17/16). In 17-limit JI, it is treated as the next basic consonance after 13 and 15.

17/16 is one of two superparticular semitones in the 17-limit; the other is 18/17, which measures about 99¢. The difference between them is 289/288, about 6¢. If 12edo is treated as a harmonic system approximating 9 and 17, then 289/288 is tempered out.

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