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Carl Lumma (b. 1977) is a man with varied interests, including nuclear engineering, macroeconomics, music theory, and artificial intelligence. Making his home in the San Francisco area, he has worked as an editor at Keyboard magazine and as a program manager at Apple. Below is a partial listing of his music theory articles:

28-string Cosmolyra after Ivor Darreg
Isomorphic keyboard mapping for 5-limit just intonation
Spectral analysis reveals accurate 7-limit intonation in barbershop music
Archimedean keyboards
Rothenberg stability in pitch space
Stellated Combination Product Sets: How many tones?
Xenharmonic Moving Windows: Extended JI with conventional keyboards
MIDI-based adaptive tuning by common-tone matching
Generalizing diatonicity
Successive improvements in 17-limit TOP damage for the first 100 ETs
Logflat-best rank 1 temperaments up to 100 notes/octave
Classification of microtonal notation systems
No limits: Optimal subgroups for equal temperaments
Measuring the strength of chord progressions
Maximum dyadic error of triads in equal temperaments
The MOS theorem: Well-formed scales are tempered Fokker blocks

Stuff of a more tutorial nature:
Xenharmonic glossary
The alternative tuning FAQ (draft)
Cross-sets Primer
The Too-Condensed Tuning-Math Outline

Carl has been a moderator of the Tuning and Tuning-math mailing lists. Some of his recent posts are collected here and some ancient posts are here.

Elsewhere on the web:
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