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Posted to Xenharmonic Alliance by Chuckles McGee, professional clown

10: decimal-enthusiast blues musicians
11: non-conformists with a transhumanist bent
13: non-conformists with a discordian bent
14: people who enjoy vacationing in sunny exotic places and like trying unusual new foods
15: nerds with a quirky sense of humor who like TMBG
16: intelligent and introspective anarchists
17: steampunks
19: traditionalists and easy-listening enthusiasts
20: people who consider themselves weird but don't like being ostentatiously weird
22: people with OCD, or otherwise obsessive attention to detail
23: discordians and other people who delight in confusion and absurdity
24: mostly conservative, but a desire to take a timorous step forward
26: people who value extreme versatility and utility
27: tinkerers and technophiles
29: people who really like the number 3
31: historians, algorithmic composers, and zealous monotheists
34: lovers of "world music" and other transcultural tropes, numerologists
36: wants to appear conservative, but a secret inner anarchic bent
37: values purity and cleanliness, but wears clothing in really loud colors and patterns
41: owns lots of very nice possessions and values status
46: only listens to music in high definition audio formats; finds popular music extremely grating
53: desires to recreate the civilizations of previous eras
72: would actually prefer JI, and scoffs at this test, and scoffs at musicians who play acoustic instruments in general