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Conic Bellophone ( Listen to a demo by Lee Ferguson, the percussionist from 'Duo Contour')
First official presentation in March 2007 at the UK Microfest.
This instrument is designed and built by Tony Salinas (J.A.Martin Salinas) and has an octave range with 96 conic
bells (2mm steel spun on a lathe) tuned to the 96 equal temperament, even though the conic bells can be tuned
from 5 to 240 notes per octave. The maximum range they can cover keeping pleasant timbrical properties is 2
octaves and a fifth incorporating extensions of the stands and with a 45 degree angle towards the player
(producing a kind of cage).
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This is the performance of 'Autumn I' for Conic Bellophone, percussion, trombone, trumpet, cello and bass clarinet.
Steve Altoft has a trumpet with a quartertone valve which was required for the composition. Steve plays in the duo
contour with Lee Ferguson percusionist who is the percussionist playing the conic bellophone.
Bozidar Vukotic, the London based Russian Cellist was very precise!
The contemporary trombonist Allan Tomlinson enjoyed the continuous glissandi and requested a solo piece.
The Italian bass clarinetist Guido Arbonelli gave me a good lesson about multiphonics.
The Timpanist Matthew West had incredible sight-reading skills.
Many thanks to Lewis Jones, my main research supervisor, who conducted at 60 b.p.m. with great control over the
players. Also many thanks to my composition tutor, Javier Garavaglia.
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Here I am introducing the Autumn piece for the UK Microfest 2007
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This is the French guitarist Wim Hoogewerf with the percussionist from Duo Contour, Lee Ferguson. Wim has a
96 equal temperament guitar (1/4 tone frets and 6 E strings 1/16 of a tone apart). They played an ascending
chromatic scale using the 96 notes in unison with the help of a bottle neck for the guitar.
They performed chromatic zig-zag exercises in unison covering the full range of the octave.
They also played a duet I wrote for 96 equal temperament guitar and bellophone.
These materials are really worthy waiting for the video to be edited!
Wim also performed on the same guitar a piece by Pascal Criton (who was in the audience).

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Lee Ferguson explains the characteristics and the tough time he had preparing for the concert in one evening
when it was the first time for him to see the instrument. He took the instrument back to Germany, and we hope
to hear about his performances with the conic bellophone in the future.external image n696302104_227562_5825.jpg

From the percussionist's point of view.

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Jacob and Aaron checking the piccolo conic bellophone,
which is made with bicycle bells, and can expand the maximum range
of the conic bellophone by a major third with almost the same sound.