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Duodene2 by Chris Vaisvil
Ariel's 12-tone JI by Chris Vaisvil
The Ballad of Jed Clampett by Paul Henning
Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Barry and Greenwich
Symphony 4, first movement by William Copper
Magnificat by William Copper
Catch for Woodwind Quintet by William Copper
Barefoot Meditation (video) by Carlo Serafini (blog entry)


Ruckus From the Quiet Zone by Ralph Lewis
Excluded by Peers by Chris Vaisvil
Prelude for Centaur Tuned Piano by Chris Vaisvil
Prelude #1 in 7-limit JI by Ivor Darreg
Clinton Variations play by Gene Ward Smith
Pachelbel's Canon in D in 7-limit JI play
Mars in 7-Limit JI from The Planets the orchestral suite by Gustav Holst arranged by Chris Vaisvil (Blog entry: Gustav Holst’s Mars arranged for 7-limit JI Orchestra « Music & Techniques by Chris Vaisvil)
Liszt Consolation #3 Ken Stillwell performance, retuned by Kite Giedraitis to the kite33 7-limit JI scale
Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag, tuned into 7-limit just intonation, arranged by Claudi Meneghin
Nostalgic Blue by Kaiveran Lugheidh, 2.3.7 subgroup


Study #3 play by Dave Hill
Blue Canon, by Claudi Meneghin
Brief 11-ratio composition play by Dave Hill
El Cant dels Ocells (Catalan traditional), arranged by Claudi Meneghin
11-limit Canon on Elgar's Enigma Theme, by Claudi Meneghin
11 Limit Piano by Chris Vaisvil
11-limit singtervals by Andrew Heathwaite


Venusian Cataclysms play by Dave Hill
Chord Progression on the Harmonic Overtone Series play by Dave Hill
Canon on a ground, 2-11-13 subgroup, by Claudi Meneghin
Unlicensed Copy by Kaiveran Lugheidh, mostly 7-limit with some erstwhile 13-based chromaticisms