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Johnny Reinhard essay on his polymicrotonal experiences

polymicrotonality with equal temperaments


In Search of Perfect Consonance Roland GR-20 re-tuned to Arabic 17 note Pythagorean tuning and electric guitar in 12 equal by Chris Vaisvil => performance details
Santa Barbara Shipwreck 19 edo guitar with 12 edo synthesizer by Paul H. Muller and Chris Vaisvil
Seventeen Years in the Sixties - 17 edo guitar, 12 edo 5 string bass & drums by Chris Vaisvil => Details

The following from a tuning survey by Chris Vaisvil
The Mouth Opens to Speak Bill Bremmer Shining Brow tuning and 12 edo<br>
The Lumma Cryptic Boethiuss Chromatic <br>
immoderate moderations Gramham Breed blues scale in 22 edo plus 12 edo<br>
untitled 1 12 edo and 17-limit quasi meantone in a major<br>
Venusian Wedding Band by Carlo Serafini (blog entry)