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Sagittal notation is a universal set of microtonal accidentals, developed by Dave Keenan and George Secor with the help of numerous others. See http://sagittal.org/ for the official site.

In order for musicians to evaluate the proposal, they must adopt it enthusiastically to get a feel for what it can do. What Sagittal can notate is directly related to what we want to notate. This page, Sagittal Corner, is meant as a repository for materials which support the exploration of Sagittal notation.

See also
Pain free guide to Sagittal by William Lynch
Sagittal notation guide for 24edo by William Lynch
Introductory examples by Hans Straub
Sagittal chord chart by Andrew Meronek


Sagibelius 2.0

Plugins for using Sagittal notation in Sibelius 4 and up. By Jacob Barton. Hosted on this wiki. Donationware.

Support in Lilypond

Plugin for Sagitall notation in Lilypond by Graham Breed

Sagittal.org problems?

Sometimes sagittal.org doesn't work. In those cases, visit http://dkeenan.com/sagittal/

For those attending Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp 2011

We will be attempting to use Sagittal notation during the camp! This is not to exclude other notations, or to mandate the use of notation at all. Please read the Sagittal introductory article and/or the mythical introduction as time and interest permits. Please make note of any questions or desires that arise in the course of reading. If you wish, you may add comments directly to this page with the "Edit this Page" button.

This page is incomplete, reflecting the finished work of an ongoing project.

Wish list for materials:
  • Example scores for notating equal tunings
  • Support files for using Sagittal in Finale, Sibelius, Mus2

Scores in Sagittal notation