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Seventeen Tone Piano Project Phase Two
September 26, 8:00 PM (click for other time zones)
Hirsch Orchestra Rehearsal Hall
Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA


Of Silent Planet, Free Lancer — Mats Öljare
shine for thyself (a meditation) — Erin Watson (*)
Ogives in a Winter Shelter Belt — John McLaird
Tres piano e forte — Yahya Abdal-Aziz
Waltz — Christopher Bailey
Etude — Jon Lyle Smith
Study — David Smith
Eighty-one ninth chords — Jacob Barton
Sub arbore — Margo Schulter (†)
Sharks — Hans Straub
Cirrus and Pileus — Daniel Stearns (*)
past. in and. r. one. to — Taylan Susam
Three Lonely, Uninspired Ways to Play in 17tet — Thomas Edwin Scheurich III

Jacob Barton, Dan Sedgwick, 17-tone pianos
(*) Ryan Stickney, voice
(†) Trio Life (Stephanie Nussbaum, Karen Raizen, David Gerstein)

Program Notes here:
Recordings here: http://www.archive.org/details/seventeenTPP_02

This concert was webcast live! Now archived on Google video!