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...a page for all tricesimoprimal (31-tone) and otherwise just-based approaches to vocal and/or instrumental pedagogy.

In Progress: 31 tone singing camp July 2008! Simultaneous sessions in NYC and Apple Hill!

Day One
Poster (PDF)
The poster forgot to mention - it's free.

Traces from May 2007 Houston 31-Tone Singin' Camp

Important listening:
Toby Twining : Chrysalid Requiem
Ben Johnston: Kepler Quartet: String Quartets 2,3,4,9.
More Ben Johnston downloadable at http://www.avantgardeproject.org/AGP9/index.htm

Kyle Gann's Just Intonation Explained article, very clear: http://www.kylegann.com/tuning.html
Paul Rapoport: About 31 tone equal temperament: http://www.xs4all.nl/~huygensf/doc/rap31.html
relevant articles in Xenharmonikôn (at Fondren) http://xh.xentonic.org/