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The 42 equal division divides the octave into 42 equal parts of 28.571 cents each. It has a 3 (the size of which being coprime to its cardinality, this being a first for a composite equal division of cardinality 7n) and a 5 both over 12 cents sharp, using the same 400 cent interval to represent 5/4 as does 12, which means it tempers out 128/125. In the 7-limit, it tempers out 64/63 and 126/125, making it a tuning supporting augene temperament.

While not an accurate tuning on the full 7-limit, it does an excellent job on the 2*42 subgroup, having the same tuning on it as does 84edo. On this subgroup 42 has the same commas as 84.