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A list originally started and maintained by Andrew Heathwaite. See his introduction. If you think anything should be changed, change it yourself! Or leave a note about it here.Newly added sites in bold.

For a list of pieces that were originally written in a non-xenharmonic context, and then translated into a xenharmonic tuning, see Familiar melodies in unfamiliar tunings.

I. links to pages that feature a single composer or band



Mary Beth Ackerly
music tuned for healing
Jyrki Alakuijala (broken)
electronic dance music in 8.19-EDO
Bill Alves
electronic JI, gamelan, etc.
Atar Arad
Sonata for Viola with quartertones
Sean Archibald / "Sevish"
drum'n'bass/electronic in EDOs, JI, nonoctave scales and various others. microtonal: everything 2010 onwards
Astroid power-up!
clips of hyper drum&bass. Microtonal tracks: 3, 4, 8 and 9 (60-EDO)


Christopher Bailey
crystallized JI, 17-EDO, 19-EDO, 7-limit adaptive
Matt Barber
in some pieces, 19-ED(per 2:1 and 3:1), quartertones, 11-EDO and 14-EDO in 3:2 equivalence
Jacob Barton
sequenced and acoustic, various EDO and JI
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
"Thièle" - violin in quartertones
David Beardsley
JI electric guitar and JI chamber music.
Antoine Beaudet
Joan temperament, JI, electronic
Marcus Alessi Bittencourt
classic electronic pan-intonational
Easley Blackwood
microtonal etudes [excerpts]
M. Edward Borasky
stochastic JI
Donald Bousted
microtonal music and film
Graham Breed
electronic with spoken word; examples of different temperaments
Chris Bryan
Warren Burt
sound installation; manipulated voice...


Charles Loli
mp3 drone 17-EDO, 20-EDO, 29-EDO and 53-EDO
Alex Carpenter
exploring the perceptual passage into sound
Catler Bros.
64-note JI bluesrock
City of the Asleep
Electronica, post-rock, and unclassifiable music in a variety of tunings, especially uncommon EDOs and theoretically-discordant tunings
Nick Collins
microtonal supercollider tempo canons
William Copper
music in 5-limit JI, printed scores with intonation markings, intonalism
Mildred Couper
quartertone pianos - scores & mp3
David J. Cubberly
sequenced microtonal midi ensemble


Phil Dadson
instruments in JI, Installations and performance
Janis Dambergs
drone 31-EDO
Jarod DCamp
electronic - various tunings
Tútim Dennsuul
clips in 23-EDO
Mark Deutsch
clips of sensual acoustic microtonal music, world influence
Divide by Pi
mp3 clips: synthesizer and percussion improvisations
Paul Dolden
mp3 clips - variously tuned electroacoustic
David B. Doty
synth JI
Arnold Dreyblatt
grooving JI
Jacques Dudon
samples of "Lumières audibles" JI electronic
Richard Dunlap
mostly 12-EDO but try title song


Paul Erlich
22-EDO guitar


John Farah
string quartet in Maqam Rast; Water.mp3 (Electronic in 19-EDO)
David J. Finnamore
etudes using "golden horograms"; clips of dirty 13-EDO guitar
Daniel Forro

Harold Fortuin
brief excerpts, microtonal and otherwise
Greg Fox
indeterminate computer music in 11-EDO, 13-EDO and 19-EDO
Glenn R. Frantz
freestyle JI via computer, based on ragtime music


Kyle Gann
xenharmonic JI, now with more Sitting Bull!
Monroe Golden
microtonal chamber music, microtone-informed 12-EDO
Mark Gould
1 electronic mp3: 10-EDO; midi recorder duets in 19-EDO
Kraig Grady
Original acoustic instruments/ensembles informed by the music of anaphoria Island
Patrick Grant

Paul Greenhaw
Just-tuned electric organs -- most pieces accompany video works.
Peter Guidi
one track of quartertone flute
Milan Guštar
music in various tunings (06-EDO, 07-EDO, 08-EDO, 12-EDO, JI)


Edu Haubensak
Music for retuned pianos and retuned strings
Georg Hajdu
electronic 17-EDO; scene from opera Der Sprung (Bohlen-Pierce)
Jeff Harrington
electronic in 19-EDO, 24-EDO, others
Lou Harrison
Nek Chand for solo guitar in JI
Robert Hasegawa
Acoustic chamber JI, quartertones, 19-tone pianos, with scores
Neil Haverstick
excerpts - guitars in 19-EDO, 31-EDO and 34-EDO
Andrew Heathwaite
electronic xenharmonic improvisations
Jim Horton and Bill Thibault (broken)
electronic microtonal
Sten Hostfalt
excerpts of microtonal guitar (72-EDO)
Chuckk Hubbard
JI sequenced music etc.
Peter Lucas Hulen
modern classical electronic compositions - search page for 'microtonal'



Ralph Jarzombek
electronic 14-EDO from '80s
Aaron Krister Johnson
mostly electronic compositions and improvisations; some theatre incidental music
Igliashon Jones
electronic music in equal temperaments from 9 to 28 EDOs
Christiaan de Jong
mp3 clip - flute and tape
Magnus Jonsson
acoustic and electronic JI and meantone improvisations and compositions
Churzkia Jrakavla
hip electronic JI


Buzz Kimball
homemade guitars etc. in EDOs and JI
dt King
"Change Jar" for quartertone piano
Wayne Kirby
demos, full and excerpts, mp3 and midi
Kenneth Kirschner
looong mp3 of stretched piano etc. ambient microtonal
Kite (aka Tall Kite)
7-limit JI music
Eric Knechtges
acoustic (choir) & electronic, various JI & EDOs


Anne La Berge
quartertone flute - go to "Releases"
Jacky Ligon
xenharmonic music and software blog
Amit Lissack
electronic instrumental
Alvin Lucier
slow-to-change cluster acoustic
Charles Lucy
miscellaneous works in progress - also see LucyTuning below


Joe Maneri
some modern classical excerpts - mp3
Rick McGowan
microtonal works for the theatre
John McLaird
07-EDO, 40-EDO, 11-limit JI, etc. sampled piano etc.
Pete McRae
Eikosany blues
Carl McTague
(ii-V-I)^7 and Heptadecaphonic Drops
Claudi Meneghin
Neobaroque music at Soonlabel.com
Herman Miller
compositions in linear temperaments, ETs; Warped Canon
Shaahin Mohajeri
modal, sequenced in various EDO/ADO/EDL/AIDO/ADL
Joe Monzo
mp3s in JI jazz-rock style
John Moriarty
Rock and improv in various regularly tempered tunings
Frederick Moore
some microtonal works, electronic and other


Ron Nagorcka
JI music with digeridoo, synthesizers, birds...


Mats Öljare
contrapuntal midi in various EDOs and etc's


Tristan Parker
electronic JI, free-pitch
P-ART (Paul A.R. Timmermans)
experimental clips
Harry Partch
acoustic, homemade JI; monophony
Joseph Pehrson
acoustic and electronic, much in Blackjack tuning
pfly (Paul Fly)
Zlo-88 in 88-cET
Samuel Pellman
electronic EDOs, nonoctave, JI
Joseph Post
Crystal-JI acoustic guitar
Tom Price (broken)
electronic xenharmonic
Kees van Prooijen
'Odd Piano' in Bohlen-Pierce scale, timbre-stretched piano
Barry Prophet
acoustic instruments/sound sculptures



Johnny Reinhard
acoustic polymicrotonality
Robert Rich
some microtonal ambient (7-limit JI + The Harmonic Series)
Michael Robinson
worldly electronic microtonal
Prent Rodgers
"Music that's fake but accurate" Microtonal Music of Prent Rodgers
Dante Rosati
solo JI guitars
Robert Ross
19-EDO flash madrigals


Marc Sabat
mostly-acoustic mp3s in mostly JI
Carlos Sampaio
electronic xenharmonics
Scott Sandvik
slide guitar
Edward Schocker
dramatic works - exerpts and fulls
Margo Schulter
Neo-medieval Xenharmonic
Andrew Schulze
some mp3s of electronic JI
Ethan Schwartz
JI music based on tetrachords, for guitar and keyboard
X. J. Scott
electronic xenharmonic
George Secor
various vintage Scalatron performances
Dave Seidel
microtonal minimalism and ambience, using Csound
Carlo Serafini
electronic xenharmonic
Bill Sethares
electronic xenharmonic with stretched partials
Ezra Sims
Music in 72-EDO
Gene Ward Smith
sequenced originals; Mad Science Tuning; renderings of colleagues' music
Jon Lyle Smith
sequenced classical in odd meters
Spectral Voices
clips of meditative New Age with overtone singing
Soundwell (Anders Erkéus)
"Snake" overtone flute
Manfred Stahnke
one piece "Partch Harp" for harp and sampled harp
Hans-Andre Stamm
quartertone/ 48-tone JI acoustic organ!
John Starrett
Microtonal listening page, with two of Starrett's pieces in 19-EDO
Stimmhorn (Christian Zehnder, Balthasar Streiff)
Experimental alphorn and yodeling combined with overtone singing
Hans Straub
pieces with meters that match the tunings
Mick Sussman
plunderphonic collages in various tunings and multitempi
William Susman
Works in quarter-tone - scores and audio files
Ron Sword (2)
16-EDO and 31-EDO on 8 and 9 string guitar Etudes, Microtonal Extreme Metal
Syzygys (2)
clips of Japanese duo in 43-tone Partch JI, with Chromelodeon


Tall Kite (aka Kite)
7-limit JI music
Cam Taylor
[2] Soundcloud accounts with Bosanquet Axis49 improvisations in 31, 41, 43, 50, 53EDOs, and songs with piano or guitar in 31EDO and JI, various.
Tony Dubshot
Macrotonal dub and dancehall in 05-EDO, 07-EDO and 08-EDO
Tritone MSU
electronic JI
Tui St. George Tucker
Quartertone scores
Stephen James Taylor
microtonal film scores, multiple Wilson scales
Jeroen Paul Thesseling
microtonal music for bass guitar: "HAFNIUM" (72-EDO), "ARGON" (18-EDO), "DISCREPANTIUM" (24-EDO)




Chris Vaisvil
Many tunings (Just Intonation, various EDOs + Tuning Survey ) microtonal synthesizers controlled by midi guitar (Roland GR-20), Linnstrument, 17 edo keyboard (DIY) + soft synthesizers and "traditional" scored microtonal music.
Nicola Visalli (broken)
electronically rendered microtonal contemporary classical
Voltage Controlled
clips of electronic tuning-savvy experiments
Alfredo Votta
Soundcloud account featuring "Liber Stellarum", a collection of seven pieces for 13-EDO piano. Has also composed in 18-EDO.


Robert Walker
classical, world, fractal
Stephen Weigel
xenharmonic pop / computer music / totalism
Danny Wier
symphonic, progressive rock/metal, jazz, etc., mostly in 72-EDO (all synth-generated)
Randy Winchester (2)
"Comets Over Flatland" excerpts in various EDOs & Bohlen-Pierce, electronic music and 8-bit synthesizers
Erling Wold
classical; search page for just intonation
Daniel Wolf
xenharmonic neo-baroque string trio
Brian Wong
examples of computer-generated music
James Wyness
microtonal acousmatic works






electronic space music: 19-EDO, 10-EDO, Bohlen-Pierce, others
Matthias Ziegler
unconventional flute playing

II. links to pages that feature multiple composers or no composers

American Mavericks concert series
Microtonal RealPlayer files: Lou Harrison Suite for Violin and American Gamelan, Third Symphony; Charles Ives "Allegro" from Quartertone Piano Pieces
Ancient Greek Music
Library of extant fragments using authentic tunings: Real``Player and midi
Boston Microtonal Society
Catharsis (2)
Jon Catler and Jacky Ligon live; "Drone 1"
Slovak overtone flute
Groven Piano Project
36-tone JI (schismatic) pianos after Eivind Groven
Huygens-Fokker Foundation
acoustic and midi 31-EDO & 24-EDO
Implementing Cellular Automatas in Csound
mp3 examples with spectral pictures
kingmixers (2) (3)
some mp3 samples of Greek tunings, reconstructions of Greek music fragments
last.fm microtonal tag radio
stream microtonal music from last.fm radio
LucyTuning (2) (3)
LucyTuned music - clips and full pieces, midi files, mp3s, video
Music from multiple composers in various tunings available for direct download.
Primera Web oficial de microtonalismo de habla hispana en latinoamerica
Music for Homemade Instruments
clips of junkmusic orchestra
Overtone Music Network
A platform for overtone music of all kinds, with a huge collection of online audio
microtonal podcast by Prent Rodgers
Kjell Tor Innevik's project at Norwegian Academy of Music
Eduardo Sábat
clips of jazz standards on 53-enharmonic frets per Octave guitar (Dinarra)
split-notes Microtonal Netlabel
online record label, free digital releases, microtonal music from various musicians
The Perfect Just Intonation Music MIDI Cycle Concerts
classics tuned in JI
Tuning and temperament demos
midi and audio demonstrating historical tunings
Tuning Lab
acoustic, electronic tuning experiments
WNYC microtonal features
radio shows featuring microtonal music, esp. "New Sounds"
Xenharmonic Alliance facebook group
social networking for microtonalists. music and discussion
Oldani's Math&music Site